Thursday, March 1, 2012

The following products are now available in inventory and ready to ship: SM500i-II Surface Mount Speaker: The new version of SoundTube's popular surface mount speaker offers more freedom in aiming, a lower profile than its predecessor and updated styling while maintaining the same great sound quality. The SM500i-II-WX “Weather Extreme” model is also available. CM-EZ-BGM In-Ceiling Background Music Speakers: Engineered specifically for background music applications where additional low end response is needed. CM-BGM speakers include a tuned port that provides enhanced bass response along with proprietary BroadBeam Ring technology for superior off-axis performance. CM-BGM speakers may be ordered in 5.25", 6.5" and 8" sizes; a 6-position tap switch allows for 25, 70.7 or 100 volt applications with a 16 ohm transformer by-pass. SA502 Stereo Amplifier: A small amp with serious power output, the SA502 offers two channels of amplification at 50 watts per channel. It can be pole or rack mounted, giving installers superb flexibility in locating the amplifier at the spot where amplification is needed. Inputs and outputs are also versatile, with stereo, balanced and high level inputs and stereo, bridged or mono output modes. WLL-TR-1p Wireless Speaker System: Designed to work with all SoundTube speakers (as well as other brands), the WLL-TR-1p system enables the placement of speakers in locations where running speaker wires may be difficult or impossible. Utilizing uncompressed streaming digital audio over 2.4 GHz with balanced, unbalanced, & USB inputs and requiring only AC power for operation, the SoundTube Wireless system provides two 50 W channels of audio. System includes WLL-TX1 transmitter and WLL-RX1p receiver. Additional receivers sold separately.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SoundTube Weather Resistance Testing

Google Reader (1000+)

Google Reader (1000+)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pictured above is an FP in the Brussels central train station. The domes are located at the entrance to the Eurostar - high speed train. The domes are installed to provide information and promotion for Eurostar services over their Eurostar News channel. The FP6030 provides directed audio with a small footprint. The picture was taken By Ron Vossen of Tau Audio in the Netherlands as he was on his way to London for the Plasa show.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Soundtube urun grubuna ,yeni SM31EZ satelitte speakerlarini ekledi.Tavsiye edilen subwoofer ise SM 1001P active 10"surface mount.SM31-EZ nin inwall ve ceiling mount versiyonlarida mevcut.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

JamesLoudspeaker EK'da

In Wall ve ceiling hoparlorler ile acik mekan seslendirme ekipmanlari ureten Jamesloudspeaker 2010 Temmuz ayindan itibaren Projecthouse by ek'da

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wanna/ W Funktion One

Dorrs grubun bunyesindeki Wan-na Levent Kanyon\un ust katinda yeniden acildi..

Monday, January 25, 2010

EL BESO/w Funktion One

Kurucesmede acilan ELBESO'da ziyaretcilerine bundan sonra leziz yemeklerinin yaninda hos muzik ziyafetleri'de verecek.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adana LAVA'da Funktion One

Adana'da acilan LAVA yemekleri kadar muzik ve guzel sound'dada verdigi onemi Funktion One secerek gosterdi.

FUNFATALE/w Funtion-One

Kurucesme'de Ottoman otelin yaninda acilan hos ve sicak bir bistro olan Funfatale 'de Funktion One sistemi secti.

Funktion One PUBLIC'te

Sishanede acilan Public'te Funktion One 'i secti.
Alt katinda bulunan ve ozel partilere acik olan club mekaninda 4 tane F88 hoparlor 2 adet F118 subbas ve bunlari drive eden 2 E25 amplifier 2x1250watt gucunde .Processor ve mixer de mevcut.Ust katta ise daha soft olarak dizayn edilen 8 adet F81 hoparlorler ile 2 adet MB 212 sub kullanilmaktadir.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dukkan'da Minipod!!..

Dukkan Et magazalari Bebek,Caddebostan,Alacati,Bagdat caddesi,olmak uzere yeni baslayan Dukkan Burger franchise konseptine dahil olarak kirmizi Minipodlari secti.
KafeK,La Favorita, vb.. de Minipod ve micropod speakerlari kullanmakta.

Funktion One @Lucca

Lucca'da ses sistemi olarak Funktion One ile calismaya basladi.!!!!

Hakkasan,Black,Anjelique gibi mekanlardan sonra Lucca'da Ingiliz Funktion One firmasi urunlerini secmis bulunmaktadir.

Angelique Ortakoy Funktion One

Anjelique bilindigi uzere Istanbul eglence mekanlarinin basinda gelen yerlerden biridir.
Bu sene itibari ile ust kat ve dis mekanlar Funktion One speakerlari ile seslendiriliyor.
Arkada ise elektronik olarak yine Funktion One cihazlari var

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The inspiration of Fruity speaker comes from the organic form. We yearn for a life space back into nature. Fruity speaker designs the appearance as a symbol of the natural sign.We can hang it on the wall,just like a blooming flower. Fruity speaker is composed of 6 speakers and 2 touchscreens, compatible with CD, MP3 and other types of music media. Easy to operate and a flexible size. Through the Fruity speaker, beautiful melody and a natural appearance get a perfect combination.

The porcelain loud speakers resembling a seal are designed to evoke the cosy and snug atmosphere of the tranquil depths of the ocean.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


NAC SOUND hoparlorleri dunyanin cesitli yerlerindeki seramik sanatcilari tarafindan uretilip,Italya'da montaji yapilan porselen hoparlorler'dir.
Ozellikle Acoustic sorunlar olan mekanlarda cozum olarak kullanilmaktadir.